Best Ramen Found in Philippines – フィリピン で おいし ラーメン を みつけた


SEASON 2 – Episode 12 – Philippines VLOG

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ヒロ コバ チャンネル VLOG シーズン 2

この新しいシーズンを始めに こんかい の ブログ は 日本語をメインにして 英語の ジマク を いれながら おうくりしたいと おもいます.

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Martin Desamito

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Music by Joakim Karud


There are tons of Ramen house in Philippine now days but still one of my favorite place to go is Ipuddo. We just had discussion with Martin about music that will be used for my next vlogs and more. We are currently working on new set of tracks to use for background music for Youtube and vlogs. Further more, as we end our meeting, we went to starbucks to get cup of latte and hibiscus tea to chill and walkthrough the music tracks we are working on using macbook pro and abelton software. Martin thought me some of tutorials for Abelton and how he could create music abelton.
“Be strong and courageous”


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