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This is a re-upload. 86,000 people watched this before YouTube took it down! I’m so sorry. Can you guys make me a promise? Since YouTube took this down, please PLEASE re-watch this video. Put it on in the background while you wash dishes, study, read, draw, paint your nails, clean your room, commute to work, drive, go for a walk, whatever! Just having this playing to help you pass time. This would really help me out since YouTube took this video down, stealing 86,000 views. If you promise to watch till the end, leave “Noodle King” in your comment so I know who to thank in my next video. Thank you so much. I be giving lots of you thank you shoutouts for doing this.

Watch me unbox and do the 100 packs of ramen noodle challenge! I have so many instant ramen noodles here. Samyang Fire Noodles are the highlight of this food haul. I have the Original Korean Fire Noodles aka the Super Spicy Ramen Noodle Challenge, I also have the 2x Spicy Nuclear Fire Noodles, the Cheese Spicy Noodles (which are great with mozzarella cheese), Seafood Noodles AKA Korean Jjamppong Instant Ramen, Black Bean Noodles aka jajangmyeon and more. I also ordered instant ramen cup noodles, Gochujong, which is Korean red pepper paste (very spicy and delicious), Singapore Laksa La Mian noodles (a very creamy seafood lobster tasting noodle), and a famous Chinese Instant Spicy Rice Noodle called LuoSiFen. This video has 3 videos inside of it so make sure you watch all of it! Don’t forget to leave a comment if you enjoy. I can’t wait to do more Volcano Fire Noodles and Cheesy Spicy Noodles for you guys. I also have the Mala Fire Noodles. I AM THE NOODLE KING!!! Yay!

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