lv20 Spicy Noodle Challenge | Ko-Ryu Ramen Grill in Torrance, CA | ft. Kevin & Byran | RainaisCrazy


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After the Crawfish eating contest with Kevin Ross, we decided to try out a ramen place nearby that had a spicy noodle soup challenge since it was only 5 minutes away 🙂

Crawfish eating contest video:

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21006 Hawthorne BlvdTorrance, CA 90503

Details of the Contest:

Finish the lv20 Ramen and get a picture on hall of fame, and a picture to take home 🙂

I didn’t feel full at all from the crawfish since seafood is so light so I decided to make it more interesting and add on every topping they had to offer – sake and rice xD Also my friend Bryan who was supporting me @ the eating contest tried it with me and Jun who also went to watch me eat crawfish was on the side commentating 🙂

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